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High Society Package


The High Society Package is for the lifestyle smoker. Each month you will receive 12 items including 3 handmade glass pieces, themed accessories, and exclusive stickers. All with a $325+ Retail Value. All designs are handmade, costing much less than you would pay at your local shop.


Choose between Dry Herb, Concentrate, or a Combination.


Dry Herb Package Includes: Ashtray, Lighter, Stash Jar, Tray, Glass Pipe, Stickers, Chillum/Pipe, Papers, Grinder, Water Pipe, Smell Proof Bag, Hanging Air Freshener


Concentrates Package Includes: Dabber Jar, Dabber Tool, Silicone Mat, Dabber Straw, Terpenes, Carb Cap, Stickers, Banger, Recycler Water Pipe , Shatter Pouch, Hanging Air Freshener
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Dry Herb, Concentrates, Combination


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